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Biography in Brief...

* Larry Crim is a fifth (5th) generation Tennessean, born Nashville, Tennessee.

* Lifelong Nashvillian residing in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.

* CEO Christian Counseling Centers of America, Inc.

* Chairman Democrats United For Tennessee, a non profit corporation 
   dedicated to Making a connection by Moving in a Tennessee Direction.


* East Nashville High School.  * East Junior High School. * Lockeland Elementary School Nashville.
* B.A. in Arts & Sciences from The University of Tennessee.  Major:  Psychology.  Minor: Political Science.
* Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) University of Tennessee & Tennessee State University (TSU).
* Master of Arts (M.A.) Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU).  Major:  Psychology,
* Psychological Practicum Vanderbilt InterUniversity Psychological and Counseling Center.


*Chief Executive Officer - Christian Counseling Centers of America, Inc., a faith based initiative
 providing professionally qualified and spiritually based counseling through churches.

*President, The Nashvillian, Inc., a voter education organization.

Outreach Leadership:

     *Chairman, Democrats United For Tennessee, Inc. 
           ...Making a Connection by Moving in a Tennessee Direction

          A nonprofit corporation dedicated to reaching out to all Tennesseans

    *President, Centrist Democratic Leadership Council


     *Chair, Democrats for Equal Educational Opportunity





Lockeland Elementary         East Nashville Jr. High         East Nashville High School

     Nashville, TN.                                                 Nashville, TN.                                                   Nashville, TN.  



* B.A. in Arts & Sciences. The University of Tennessee.
   Major: Psychology Minor: Political Science. 



* Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)
   The University of Tennessee & Tennessee State University.




*                M.A. Middle Tennessee State University.
                                Major in Psychology.


* Practicum in Psychology performed at Vanderbilt   InterUniversity Psychological & Counseling Center


Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018 ... A firm foundation in
and commitment to public education ... For ALL Tennesseans 

Larry Crim has achieved a quality education in Tennessee public schools and universities, appreciates the value of public education and wants to assure a quality public education ... 
For ALL Tennesseans.  
Larry Crim is For "... a continuing commitment to education".

Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018 ... "Let's honor
our nation's commitment to our country's veterans." 

Larry Crim ... Proposes the Veterans Benefit Assurance Act. 


Legislation proposed by Larry Crim for United States Senate includes:

 **The Equal Educational Funding Act (EEFA): An act to advance equal educational opportunity in the disbursement of finances for public education including assuring equitable division of funds for higher educational funding of colleges and student financing in America.


Equal Educational Funding Act (EEFA) of Larry CRIM U.S. Senate 2018 
Supported by Tennessee Public Servants & Educational Leaders

Larry Crim for U.S. Senate, an alumnus of The University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University (TSU), both land grant colleges, has proposed the “Equal Educational Funding Act(EEFA) requiring all states receiving federal education dollars to follow an “equal educational financial disbursement formula”.

State Rep. Barbara Cooper of Memphis, an educator and Tennessee State University alumnus, indicated her support for the purposes of the proposed federal legislation (EEFA) of Larry Crim for U.S. Senate -


  "The Equal Educational Funding Act (EEFA) proposed by Larry Crim for United States Senate builds on the history of creating and sustaining colleges for a diverse population in Tennessee and America"- State Rep. Barbara Cooper, Memphis, TN.

State Senator Reginald Tate of Memphis, Shelby County TN said:

The Equal Educational Funding Act proposed by Larry Crim for United States Senate will insure that the competition among public colleges for federal and state resources proceeds in every state, including Tennessee, in an equitable manner. The Act will also give state legislators the impetus to allocate the financial resources we receive from the federal government and our state matching dollars for  public colleges in a reasonable and fair way. I wholeheartedly endorse the fundamental principles of this proposed Act offered  by Mr. Crim." - - State Sen. Reginald Tate, Memphis.

Reverend Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church (Nashville) said:

Mr. Crim's proposed EEFA legislation will help achieve equality in funding public higher education which benefits all Tennesseans and Americans" -- Rev. Enoch Fuzz, Pastor and Community Leader
active in advancing equal educational opportunity in Nashville, Memphis and Tennessee.


 Social Security Protection Act (SSPA): An Act to assure social security funds are held in trust for providing and timely delivering the social security benefits which Tennesseans and Americans have paid for all their life.  This Act would protect the social security trust fund of Americans from being borrowed against, assure that accrued benefits for which workers have paid are not cut or delayed but that their full Social Security benefits are timely delivered.  An Act to restore the social security benefit levels which have been cut by career politicians in Washington. An Act to establish a schedule of fixed minimum annual increases in Social Security benefit levels with flexible higher quarterly increases keeping up with inflation in necessary expenses such as food, clothes, gas, transportation and other primary consumer indexes.  An Act to assure that our government repays our national debt to Tennesseans and Americans who have paid for their Social Security all their lives.

---------------------------------------------------------                                                                            -----------------------------------------------------------

"The contributions Americans have made into social security is their money" says Larry Crim "which has resulted in benefits accrued to and for them over their lifetime. Social Security funds of Americans were not intended as an additional source of revenue for the government, but as a foundation for our citizen's retirement" said Larry Crim United States Senate 2018.

"Social Security was not meant to be an additional revenue for government, but a foundation for our citizen's retirement" said Larry Crim (D) U.S. Senate 2018 in opposing placing Social Security benefits on the chopping block in fiscal negotiations. "I reject cuts in social security as a way to fix the budget crisis" said Crim "because the social security retirement trust fund is made up of the contributions of our citizens for their own future retirement. It is only appropriate for our government to honor the role of holding the American people's money in trust for  that purpose alone." - Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018...For ALL Tennesseans...  

Veterans Benefits Assurance Act (VBAA) 
 proposed by Larry Crim United States Senate 

An Act to assure that Veterans and their Families, to whom our country is deeply indebted, are receiving their guaranteed benefits including medical care and mental health counseling with long term care support for veterans and their caregivers, career transitional counseling and assistance, housing and homeowner financing assistance and higher educational funding.    
Larry Crim for United States Senate has proposed the VBAA to assure Veterans and their Families to whom our country is deeply indebted receive benefits to which they are entitled.

Mr. Crim has been fighting for this Act for over two (2) years on the campaign trail and will on election to the U.S. Senate propose this important legislation. 

"A grateful nation, in remembering the service, sacrifice, and valor of our American Veterans" said Crim "must also recall our obligations to veterans and their families and our country's debt to them" added Larry Crim for United States Senate from Tennessee.  
"The Veterans Benefit Assurance Act requires a comprehensive account of all benefits, services, and support owed to able and disabled veterans and their families " said Crim "and the coordination of federal, state and local resources for delivery of public services to veterans and their families" continued Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018.

National Road Improvement & Jobs Act (NRIJA) An Act to repair,   expand, and improve America's national highways and interstate systems as an essential government service and jobs plan. 

 The NRIJA proposed by Larry Crim United States Senate 2018
 is needed for our nation to catch up with the long overdue work to improve, expand, widen and extend our national highways and interstate systems to accommodate the ever increasing traffic and transportation demands  for citizen, commercial, emergency, and military purposes,  and improve the infrastructure to prevent and reduce impacts from natural disasters.    

The NRIJA proposed by Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018 would create jobs for needed repairs, improvements,    and expansion of our federal highways.  

The NRIJA proposed by Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018 would reduce traffic congestion, lower fuel prices and consumption, reduce dependence on foreign oil, help the economy and environment.


Emergency Personnel Disaster Certification & Salary Act:

An Act providing federal resources for state conducted training, certification, and salary adjustment for Emergency Services personnel including Law Enforcement, EMT, Firefighters, and others.  States accepting Federal Resources to provide appropriate salary adjustments to emergency personnel on certification. Allocates resources, training, and funding to and for front line emergency responders.

"State and Local Law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, utility employees and other emergency personnel are our nation's first responders at the scene of crimes, accidents, injury, health emergencies, and natural or unnatural disasters" said Larry Crim United States Senate 2018. 

"It is time for America to recognize more completely the valuable and vital role provided by
our emergency public service officers" - - -
Larry Crim United States Senate 2018

"We must establish a priority on disaster preparation, prevention, planning, coordination and relief in America.  This includes additional federal resources to address the increasing national problem of disasters - both natural and man made.

"Our American citizens residing in cities, rural areas and towns in Tennessee and across America need federal resources to help our state and local emergency service personnel to be prepared for national disasters occurring within their communities.  I will push for federal resources for state conducted increased training and salary increases for our front line first responders in Tennessee and America."

Larry Crim United States Senate 2018.  



Affordable Health Insurance & Claims Act (AHICA) - An Act to make health care insurance more affordable, comprehensive, and to assure medical claims are promptly paid through new federal standards for insurance policy coverage, increasing competition and claims handling procedures.

"One of the primary objections which I've heard from Tennesseans and Americans" said Larry Crim for U.S. Senate,  "concerning the Affordable Care Act is the 'requirement' to purchase health insurance, and thus, force Tennesseans and Americans by federal mandate to subsidize major insurance companies in America. Yet, this mandate has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court and is now the Law of the Land."

That is not the end of the matter because Larry Crim for U.S. Senate is proposing a bold consumer friendly initiative to make the insurance required to be purchased more comprehensive at less cost to Americans and assure that American Insurance companies are required to timely pay the legitimate health claims of Tennesseans and Americans.

"The Affordable Health Insurance and Claims Act I propose to file upon election" said Crim "will lessen the burden of the requirement to buy insurance by making the insurance a better, more comprehensive product which, through incentives increasing competition and requirements for insurance coverage and claims handling, will make the insurance product purchased more affordable for and responsive to Tennesseans and Americans as consumers."



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  U.S. Senate (TN)

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L a r r y   C R I M
U.S. S E N A T E  (TN) 2018
For ALL Tennesseans...

  Larry Crim for U.S. Senate
...For ALL Tennesseans...

  Larry CRIM (D) United States Senate 2018 listens
  and responds to the concerns of Tennesseans...................

Larry Crim for United States Senate from Tennessee meeting
with State Senator Reginald Tate of Memphis.


Contributions appreciated

 Friends of Larry Crim

P.O. Box 149011 Nashville, TN 37214                                     

Larry Crim United States Senate 2018 (Left) with State Rep. Larry Miller of Memphis (Center)
and State Senator Reginald Tate, Shelby County (Right) at Memphis Area Political Festival

Shelby County Commissioner Justin Ford and Family (Memphis) join
Annette and Larry Crim United States Senate ... For ALL Tennesseans
Memphis at the Chism County Wide benefit event.


Larry Crim United States Senate 2018 and campaign team
connecting with Chamber Officials, Entertainers and
Constituents at the Annual Poke Sallet Festival Gainseboro, TN

In East Nashville at the Annual Arthritis Foundation Benefit
Larry Crim U.S. Senate discusses improving health care prevention
and response in Tennessee and America ... For ALL Tennesseans

An ounce of prevention up front is worth a pound of cure down the
road. That's why I like what this TSU Professor is all about by providing
health screening for kids at Hadley Park. TSU is providing free teeth cleaning
for kids on campus too.

Education - an investment which pays dividends now and for our future ...
Larry Crim ...
For All Tennesseans ------
On the U.S. Senate campaign trail

After speaking at State Rep. Harold Love Healthy Start Festival on Education,
Equal Education Funding & honoring Social Security I toured the crowd where I
found "A Place Where Fathers Matter" an organization equipping fathers to get kids
on a healthy track in Tennessee. On the U.S. Senate campaign trail...For ALL Tennesseans

Larry Crim
U.S. Senate 2018 speaking at the Tennessee Federation
of Democratic Women Annual Convention in Murfreesboro, TN.

Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018 Has a Bold New Initiative for
Employed Parents and Families .................

* Paid Parental and Sick Leave Incentive Act - Tax Credits for Employers who provide paid parental leave and sick leave for their employees to establish more secure and healthy families.
America is the only industrialized nation in the world which does not require some form of paid maternity leave for the mother of a newborn.

"Many American parents, especially working women, are struggling with financial issues causing them to choose between time with their child or returning to work to pay family bills.  I propose and on election will sponsor a Paid Parental Leave Incentive Act providing a Tax Credit to employers who provide their employees leave, hold their jobs and pay their employees for the time caring for their newborn - the national interest requiring it.  Because our families and children are too important to leave behind.  And the nation cannot afford to wait." - -

Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018
...For ALL Tennesseans 

Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018 leads a faith based initiative counseling and helping families. He knows and cares about the issues facing parents and children especially during the early stages of a child's development crucial to their security and the future of our nation. Larry Crim is a man who has developed lifelong relationships with leaders and citizens of both political parties. He is working on a bipartisan basis to address issues affecting our nation. Mr. Crim has the grasp of the issues, caring about the people, creative problem solving skills, and bipartisan leadership to make Paid Parental Leave a reality ...For ALL Tennesseans.

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