Larry CRIM  U.S. Senate ... 2014

Crim U.S. Senate Goals

* Equal Educational Opportunity...For ALL Tennesseans

*  Protecting Your Social Security Benefits You've Paid For

*  Leading the Way to Affordable Health Care Insurance

Advancing Equal Protection Under Law
Annette and Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2014 (Center) with State Representative Barbara Cooper (Left)
of Memphis.  Debra Sigee of Millington, Tn (Right)

Pictured above (Left) are Annette and Larry Crim (D) U.S. Senate 2014 (Center) with State Rep. Barbara Cooper (D) of Memphis (Far Left) and Debra Sigee (Far Right) joining together on the campaign trail in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee.  Larry Crim (D) U.S. Senate, a University of Tennessee alumnus and Tennessee State University Alumnus, joins with State Rep. Barbara Cooper (D) Memphis (TSU Alumnus), State Senator Reginald Tate (D) Memphis, Dr. Charles Kimbrough Nashville, and Rev. Enoch Fuzz of the Save TSU Group in the dedication to insuring equal educational opportunity including equal educational financing opportunities in higher education in Tennessee and across America. Larry Crim United States Senate 2014 is committed to insuring that ALL Tennesseans have a Voice in Washington, D.C. 

Pictured above (Right side) are Larry Crim, CEO of Christian Counseling Centers of America, Inc. (CCCA) (Left Side) joined by Rev. Barry Smith of Northwood Baptist Church in Nashville, TN in front of the CCCA field office for free counseling to disaster victims in the aftermath of the Nashville Floods 2010.   Mr. Crim is dedicated to assuring Federal Aid for Disaster Victims alongside partnering with Faith Based Initiatives and other non profit and charitable organizations to deliver assistance to disaster victims in Tennessee and across the United States.

Three (3) days after Christmas, on December 28, 2012, the opponent to Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2014, Lamar Alexander (R) of Tennessee, voted against Federal Disaster Aid for the victims of Hurricane Sandy and then, adding insult to injury, proposed slashing the Social Security benefits of his fellow Tennesseans and Americans.  

Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2014 of Tennessee is committed to Federal Disaster Relief and Protecting your Social Security.

Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2014 has long defended against the efforts of career politicians like Alexander to cut, curtail, delay, defer, and deny the Social Security benefits for which Tennesseans and Americans have paid for over a lifetime.  

Larry Crim United States Senate 2014 proposes maintaining or lowering tax rates for the typical Tennessean,
American and Small Business owner, while eliminating tax loopholes which currently permit many of the largest and
richest billionaire corporations to pay little or no taxes.  This revision in corporate tax policy will result in new revenues, which are fair, and help us mitigate future "fiscal cliff" and budgetary crises in America.

Mr. Crim opposes reductions or delays in Social Security benefits because Americans are entitled to the federal government's promised timely return on their retirement investments which citizens are federally required to contribute over their lifetime. This fair Social Security policy maintains the "trust" of the American people in the retirement system and protects our nation's economic security because social security recipients are putting their social security income back into the economy by spending it for food, fuel, medicine, and other consumer goods and services.  The example of fair treatment of social security contributors and beneficiaries by our federal government maintains the public's trust in the social security program.  To reduce or delay these benefits is not only improper but unproductive economically. 

Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2014 will protect YOUR Social Security - period.  "Social Security was not enacted as an additional source of revenue for the government" said Larry Crim "but as a foundation for our citizen's retirement."  Mr. Crim added:  "Workers are required by law to contribute funds into social security for their future security.  The payment of benefits back to citizen contributors is the sole purpose for which Social Security funds were designed to be utilized and for which they should be disbursed."  Mr. Crim is for protecting Social Security Funds from being utilized for any other purpose than those for which they were designed - to help insure the financial security of Tennesseans.


Larry Crim for U.S. Senate 2014 ... Tennesseans including women, men, seniors, minorities, employers, employees, labor,
and small business owners, voters, Democrats, Republicans, and the People of Tennessee at large say that their concerns
are not being addressed by anybody in Washington and especially the current Tennessee career politician in Washington.

Tennesseans are saying Lamar Alexander is disconnected to their needs, has spent too much time in office, too much time as a
Washington insider, too much time being taken care of by taxpayers - - nearly 50 years on the public tab as a career politician. 
Tennesseans want their voices to be heard in Washington.  They want a person dedicated to public service and in touch with Tennesseans...

Larry Crim for United States Senate is that person devoted to serve ALL Tennesseans.  Larry Crim has been
traveling Tennessee, meeting voters so he can know your concerns, interests, priorities, and be your voice.


....Larry Crim for U.S. Senate in East Tennessee, Gatlinburg.

Tennesseans have seen Lamar Alexander support bail outs for banks, corporate tax loopholes for billionaire corporations,
and give Tennessee taxpayers, employees, social security contributors & recipients the bill. Alexander has led the way to
cut YOUR Social Security Benefits.


Alexander policies reveal a career politician and Washington insider out of touch with Tennesseans.

Larry Crim for U.S. Senate travels Tennessee - meeting, greeting, listening, and responding to Tennesseans so he knows the concerns of his fellow Tennesseans to be their voice For ALL Tennesseans

Larry Crim wants young people to have an opportunity for a quality education including college without incurring a lifetime of debt.
Larry Crim is a 5th generation Tennessean, who knows the priorities of his fellow Tennesseans, has a lengthy proven dedication to
and highly values higher education such that he wants young people to be able to obtain the same kind of academic achievements
he has been fortunate to acquire so that all Tennesseans have the equal opportunity to realize their potential in life and contribute
to our national economy and country as a whole through realizing productive jobs, careers, and public service.

CRIM has the dedication to provide leadership in Washington to be your voice.

- - -

     Larry   C R I M

    U.S. Senate

   ...For ALL Tennesseans


Alexander's career ... nearly 50 years on the public dole.

Under Lamar Alexander - -

We've seen the economy near disaster caused by career politicians who preferred corporations over Tennesseans 

We've seen Federal Disaster Relief denied to our fellow Americans.

We've seen Tennesseans go without regular health care, while our current Senate incumbents have the best taxpayer money can buy.

To advance equal educational opportunity in principle we still need equitable national guidelines and public funding for all public colleges and universities in practice.

Alexander did not assure the realization of these goals as Governor and has abdicated a senatorial role to address this national educational goal as U.S. Senator.

The federal interstates and highways in Tennessee and across the nation need repair and expansion to catch up with decades of increased vehicle volume, prepare for the future transportation needs of Americans, companies, drivers, emergency personnel, military and create jobs.   Alexander has done nothing about them.

These are national issues requiring a federal response.

"Tennesseans don't believe they have a voice in Washington.        
My fellow Tennesseans have good reason to hold this belief.       
They deserve a voice in Washington for them. 
That is why I am running, to address your concerns, and be Your voice" ... 

 ------ Larry Crim

       U.S. Senate     2014

    ... For ALL Tennesseans

"As a Tennessean and American you are entitled to have a U.S. Senator who represents the interests of ALL Tennesseans. That's what this campaign is about - listening to Tennesseans and offering solutions to address their needs so that their interests, the public's interests of ALL Tennesseans are served." Larry Crim United States Senate 2014.

Tennesseans Need a Voice in Washington D.C.   "Regardless of your party affiliation or political views, whether you are a democrat, republican, independent, are a member of a party or maybe you consider that no party or person is addressing your concerns, I am asking for your vote, your effort, and your help so that, together, we can take this message, your message across Tennessee and on to Washington ... For ALL Tennesseans -

              Larry Crim

       ... For ALL Tennesseans


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