Larry CRIM  U.S. Senate ... 2018

*Larry Crim is Running for U.S. Senate*

Larry Crim
U.S. Senate 2018 is fighting to preserve the security of children and families 
by fighting to assure a quality public education including college or vocational training is available for our young people to fulfill their individual potential, contribute to our economy and secure 
the future of our nation.  Mr. Crim is for protecting YOUR Social Security funds you are required to and are paying into your entire life from 

being robbed and borrowed against to bail out banks.  Larry Crim is proposing to repeal the cuts to your Social Security benefits which his
opponent pushed for and got, plus protect your trust fund dollars against future encroachment by the entrenched "political class of elites"

in Washington.  Washington politicians like Corker whom conservatives refer to as "Bail Out Bob" raided YOUR Social Security for Bank Bail Outs for billionaire corporations because they said they were "Too Big to Fail".  Yet, they have balanced the budget on the backs of typical Americans they apparently consider "Too Little to Matter". 

"Tennessee's most precious resources are our children.  If we are to assure a positive outlook for their future, we cannot allow career politicians

to continue borrowing against their future to pay for Bank Bail Outs and then cut their Education budget and their parents  Social Security benefits to balance the budget."

"In America we must live up to our promises to our fellow Americans." ---

--- Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018 ... For ALL Tennesseans

Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018 with grandaughter Ali.  
"As a parent, grandparent, and public servant it will be my devotion to protect the security of our chidren and families."

   Small Business Owners, Women and Minority owned small businesses need a voice in Washington too.

   Our military veterans, active service members and those who have died in the service of our nation and
  freedom as well as their families deserve our utmost commitment for the service and valor of these
  heroes of Freedom - - Larry Crim United States Senate 2018 .... For ALL Tennesseans

  Our police, law enforcement, and emergency personnel are on the front lines and are
  first responders on a daily basis serving and protecting our people and attending
  to natural and man made disasters on the rise in Tennessee and America.  They deserve
  a high priority commitment from those in public service decision making roles in Washington. 
  That's what I'm committed to provide - a priority on what's most important for the
  well being of our American citizens residing in Tennessee and all the American people.

Affordable Health Care Insurance is the next step
to assuring competitive comprehensive insurance
coverage and lower premium rates for Tennesseans
and all Americans.  Larry Crim for U.S. Senate is
committed to a public policy of providing
incentives to produce greater competition, more
comprehensive coverage, and more affordable
health care insurance for ALL Tennesseans.

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