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Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018 is fighting to preserve the security of children and families by fighting to assure a quality public education including college or vocational training is available for our young people to fulfill their individual potential, contribute to our economy and secure the future of our nation. Mr. Crim is for protecting YOUR Social Security funds you are required to and are paying into your entire life from being robbed and borrowed against to bail out banks. Larry Crim is proposing to repeal the cuts to your Social Security benefits which his opponent pushed for and got, plus protect your trust fund dollars against future encroachment by the entrenched "political class of elites" in Washington.

Insider politicians like Bob Corker (R) TN, want to borrow your social security trust fund dollars to save Big Banks they consider "Too Big to Fail", while targeting typical Tennesseans for cuts to their Social Security to balance the budget because they view the people of Tennessee as "Too Little to Matter".

"Tennessee's most precious resources are our children. If we are to assure a positive outlook for their future, we cannot allow career politicians to continue borrowing against their parents and their own Social Security trust funds to pay for other government programs and then cut their social security benefits to balance the budget."

"America has to live up to her promises to our American citizens." ---

--- Larry Crim U.S. Senate 2018 ... For ALL Tennesseans